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This is impossible, This is amazing, This is magic

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Magic is about creating a moment in time, where something truly impossible takes places, that you'll never forget witnessing

Josh creates these moments every-time he preforms, whether its a small close up show, or a grand stage performance. Utilizing sleight of hand, comedy, theatre and physiology, josh creates unique memories you'll never forget


What can josh do for you

As an experienced, skilled and award wining performer, josh has a variety of services in offer to make your event memorable

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Perfect illusions

After years of dedication, josh performs flawless sleight of hand and illusion

Amazing Concepts

Josh performs state of the art magic that you've likely never seen before

Peace of mind

Once you book Josh, you can sit back and relax while he takes care of everything else

Innovative Ideas

Josh uses methods and performs effects unlike anyone else

Simple Solutions

Any problem you have, we can likely solve it. Whether its space, location or anything else, Josh can cater to you and your event

Dedicated Support

We're always happy to answer questions and offer support. From quotes to queries, we're always here


how can josh amaze you

After amassing years worth of experience, perfromances and award, Josh has a wide variety of performance styles and show types, and can tailor a perfromance just for you.

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All I can say is wow

Deirdre Richards

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